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Disney's Kids Program

Only a Disney Cruise Line vacation gives families so many ways to play together, and separately. With practically an entire deck devoted to kids, there's non-stop fun each day from 9am to midnight for five distinct age groups. Kids ages 3 to 7 make magic at Disney's Oceaneer Club. Kids ages 8 to 12 explore the universe at Disney's Oceaneer Lab. Teens enjoy their own private hangout at Edge or  Vibe.

Disney's Oceaneer Club (ages 3-7), Disney's Oceaneer Lab (ages 8-12), Edge (ages 11-14), Vibe (ages 14-17)

While some activities are recommended for certain age groups, participation is based on a child's interest level and maturity—not age. As a result of this, siblings and friends can play together without restriction.

Only Disney can take little cruisers on a daily voyage to a world devoted to fun and fantasy. Disney's Oceaneer Club and Oceaneer Lab offer age-specific activities guaranteed to transport young minds to the edge of their imagination. Guided along the way by Disney counselors, of course. Parents sign their children in and out and, as an added convenience, parents are given pagers so families are always in touch. A sampling of available activities follows.

Disney's Oceaneer Club (ages 3-7) Activities Include:

Mouseketeers in Training (Disney Wonder and Disney Magic) - Put on your mouse ears, it's time for Mouseketeer training. Receive a special inspection from Mickey Mouse himself.

Andy's Room (All Ships) - Inside this vibrantly-colored room, the world of Disney Pixar's Toy Story comes to life. Children feel toy-sized, because everything around them is built large scale. Throughout this space, kids can play with larger-than-life characters from the animated film, including Rex the dinosaur, Hamm the piggy bank and Mr. Potato Head. In the center of room is Andy's bed-the place in the room for kids to watch movies. This room also features a huge Slinky Dog structure that kids can climb through.

Pixie Hollow (Disney Dream, Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy) - Inspired by the series of Tinkerbell movies, this fun interactive space transports children to the magical world inhabited by fairies. A pixie dust tree stands in the corner of the room, with glittering lights twinkling among its leaves, and fun acorn and mushroom stools are sprinkled about for children to sit on. This endearing and tranquil environment is designed for dress-up play, individual craft projects and storytelling sessions.

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (Disney Dream only) - Join the Rebel Alliance! Kids can step inside the cockpit of Han Solo’s beloved starship and pilot the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” throughout the Star Wars universe. Capturing the excitement of the iconic film saga, this intergalactic play area also features arts and crafts, a large-screen TV that broadcasts Star Wars Rebel, and computer stations loaded with games from the Disney XD series.

Disney Infinity Game Room (Disney Dream only) - Children can interact with a complete set of Disney Infinity characters—and with each other—at this high-tech play area inspired by the popular video game. Bringing virtual gaming into the real world, Disney Infinity Toy Box invites kids to take the place of their favorite character figures by standing atop a life-size Disney Infinity Base during gameplay. Children can even unlock exclusive Disney Cruise Line content to enjoy when playing Disney Infinity at home.

MARVEL’s Avengers Academy (Disney Magic only) - Swoop into the top-secret command post of S.H.I.E.L.D. Here, you’ll find the weaponry of some of your favorite Avengers—including Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s armor—plus computer games and arts and crafts. Surprise Super Hero visits are sure to bring out the aspiring young crime fighter in your child.

Mickey Mouse Club (Disney Magic only) - In a room splashed with Mickey’s signature colors of red, yellow and black, kids can craft and play games on Mickey Mouse ear-shaped tables. The Club also features Goofy Gears, a wacky, large-scale wall game powered by spinning magnetic gears.

Disney’s Once Upon a Time (Disney Magic, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy) - Bartleby the Bookmaker leads kids through the art of bookmaking and wows them with his very special talent: When he reads the books, he makes the characters come to life!

Puzzle Playtime with Mickey and Friends (Disney Magic, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy) - Mickey Mouse and pals stop by to play some of their favorite games with Disney Cruise Line’s youngest cruisers and their families.

Aloha Luau (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy) - Learn how to bust a move like Lilo and Stitch during this Hawaiian-style dance party!

Super Sloppy Science with Professor Make-O-Mess (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy) - Stir up some outrageous discoveries! Laugh, learn and turn the lab upside down with the world-famous scientist who loves leaving a trail of mayhem behind!

Star Wars: Command Post (Disney Fantasy only) - Battle the Dark Side! Train with Jedi or X-Wing pilots, connect to legendary spacecrafts via an interactive “holotable” and combat First Order Stormtroopers face-to-face!

Marvel Super Hero Academy (Disney Fantasy, Disney Wonder) - Master the mystic arts with Doctor Strange! Use immersive gaming and interactive portals to unleash your inner strength, become an Avenger and learn the true meaning of super powers!

Stitch’s Great Adventure (Disney Magic only) - Help Stitch capture several of Dr. Jumba Jookiba’s genetic experiments before they wreak interplanetary havoc!

Disney Junior (Disney Wonder only) - Enter the worlds of your fave Disney Junior pals with games, Character fun and more!

Frozen Adventures (Disney Wonder only) - Prepare for a royal coronation with Anna and Elsa, then join Olaf for a summery sing-along and games that celebrate the seasons. 

Stitch’s Space Goo (Disney Wonder only) - Help Stitch capture several of Dr. Jumba Jookiba’s genetic experiments before they wreak interplanetary havoc!
Captain’s Workshop (Disney Magic only) - Kick back and watch Disney movies, play video games or read a book amidst pirate-y props—it’s the perfect swashbuckling spot to take a break! Food is served in this spacious play area which also hosts numerous activities throughout the day.
Anyone Can Cook-Cookies (Disney Magic only) - Don your aprons! Inspired by the Disney Pixar hit, kids will learn how to mix and measure ingredients before baking up a batch of ooey-gooey, soft ‘n’ chewy chocolate chip deliciousness—the best part is the taste test!

Disney's Oceaneer Lab (ages 8-12) Activities Include:

Animator's Studio (Disney Dream, Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy) - Designed as a working animation studio, this room allows children to create original hand-drawn art or learn how to sketch their favorite Disney characters. Kids can even design and bring to life computer-animated characters!

Ratatouille Cooking School (Disney Wonder only) - Join a specially trained cookie chef, and learn how to make chocolate chip cookies fit for Remy himself. Have fun helping friends, adding lots of different ingredients and in the end, creating your very own cookies straight from the Ratatouille restaurant magic oven.

Piston Cup Challenge (Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy) - Enjoy good clean sailing fun in the cleanest regatta on the high seas with racers made from bars of soap.

Media Room (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wonder) - Kids can kick back in beanbag chairs and watch movies, play video games or even read a book. This expansive play area is also where food is served and fun-filled activities take place throughout the day.

The Wheelhouse (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) - Featuring numerous computers and large, high-definition LCD screens, this space gives young rapscallions the chance to hunt for lost treasure in Tides of Fortune, a Pirates of the Caribbean multiplayer game exclusive to Disney Cruise Line. Navigator simulators even let young buccaneers steer a ship through the mysterious waters of the Caribbean!

Craft Studio (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) -  Youngsters seeking a more tactile experience can unplug from technology and head to this studio to create hands-on arts and crafts.

Sound Studio (Disney Fantasy only) - Dedicated to budding young musicians, this interactive area on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy lets children who appreciate music create their own.

Playmation (Disney Dream only) - Young superheroes-in-training can gear up at this state-of-the-art play space and experience the new Playmation game system that lets them team up with Marvel’s The Avengers! Thanks to wearable gear that interacts with movement and the environment, kids are invited to complete missions, battle villains and save mankind—all while out at sea!

Monsters, Inc. Open “Mike” Night (Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy) - Mike Wazowski and the other monsters from the Disney•Pixar series have lost their voices and are unable to collect kids' laughter to power Monstropolis. It’s up to the kids to put on a comedy show for their parents so they can save Monstropolis from certain doom.

Get the Hook! (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) - Captain Hook's favorite dress hook has been stolen and the kids must help him find it. Led by Detective Clue and featuring site-specific crime scenes, their 3-day search for clues to catch the culprit will take them all over the ship, culminating in a reward from the Captain himself.

Super Sloppy Science with Professor Make-O-Mess (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) - Laugh, learn and make a big mess with world-famous scientist Professor Make-O-Mess. Partake in some educational fun that’s as outrageous as it is enlightening and get ready to get your hands dirty!

Animation Antics (Disney Wonder only) - Kids explore the history of animation and learn trade secrets as they draw one of their favorite Disney characters and create their own flipbook to take home.

Stitch's Adventure Squad (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) - Several of Dr. Jumba Jookiba’s genetic experiments were set loose in the Oceaneer Lab by accident! Help Stitch as he tries to capture them before they cause all sorts of trouble.

Stitch’s Space Goo (Disney Wonder only) - Help Stitch capture several of Dr. Jumba Jookiba’s genetic experiments before they wreak interplanetary havoc!

Andy’s Room (Disney Wonder only) - Reach for the sky! Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy comes alive in this multi-level area, where kids can slip down the supersized Slinky Dog slide, dance at a hoedown with Woody or join Jessie for a scavenger hunt.
Frozen Adventures (Disney Wonder only) - Prepare for a royal coronation with Anna and Elsa, then join Olaf for a summery sing-along and games that celebrate the seasons.
MARVEL’s Avengers Academy (Disney Wonder only) - Swoop into the top-secret command post of S.H.I.E.L.D. and wield the weaponry of your favorite Avenger—including Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s armor! Kids can also participate in arts and crafts, play computer games or get in touch with their inner crime fighter via surprise Super Hero visits.

Edge (tweens)

Now tweens have their very own place to play, make new friends and participate in a variety of awesome activities! While the Edge experience aboard each pair of ships differs, the idea behind them is the same: Edge provides Guests ages 11 to 14 with their own special hangout where they can connect with other tweens from around the world. Equipped with high-tech entertainment including flat-screen TVs, computers and video games and featuring daily guided activities, this interactive play space is bound to become your tween’s favorite on-ship destination!

Though operating hours may vary, Edge is open daily, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM. Check the Personal Navigator newsletter or Disney Cruise Line Navigator mobile app while onboard the ship for exact hours.

On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, there is a colorful dance floor, music listening stations, karaoke machines, notebook computers for gaming, and a separate room with a Wii gaming console and flat-screen.

On the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, there is a kid-friendly computer lab, video gaming stations, tables for arts and crafts, and karaoke machines.

On the Disney Dream, a state-of-the-art video wall spans over 18 feet wide and almost 5 feet high. Comprised of 18 individual LCD screens, the video wall acts as a giant screen; its separate screens can even be divided in any combination to accommodate different-sized video feeds! On the Disney Fantasy, two extra-large LCD screens sync together as one for an expansive viewing experience. The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder boast 103’’ flat-screen plasmas for watching Disney movies.

Tween Activities Include:

That’s Hilarious (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) - In the spirit of the Disney Channel hit So Random!, tweens learn the basics of improv and scene interaction to create and rehearse their own comedy show using special effects, costumes and camera tricks. Then it’s show time, as they perform live for other teens in the club!

Brains and Brawn  (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) - During this ship-wide adventure, put your athleticism and intellect to the test! Teams compete to solve clues, complete challenges and ultimately win a final prize.

Pizza Perfection  (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) - Answer trivia questions to win pizza toppings and create the perfect pizza. Once the game is over, the pizzas are cooked and shared by all!

Crowning of the Couch Potato  (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) -  Put your movie knowledge to the ultimate test in this outrageous trivia contest.

A Pirate's Life for Me  (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) -  Arrre you pirate enough? Compete in physical challenges and answer trivia questions about scalawags and buccaneers of yore to see who will claim the infamous Pearl.

Vibe (teens)

While the Vibe experience aboard each ship differs, the idea behind them is the same: Vibe provides Guests ages 14 to 17 with their own special place where they can break off from the family and connect with other teens. Designed with their interests in mind, each lounge is laden with amenities and activities that will keep them engaged and entertained while encouraging them to mingle. With so much to do, Vibe is bound to become your teen’s favorite on-ship destination!

Onboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, there is a high-tech media room with 103’’ LCD screens, talent shows, karaoke contests, dance competitions, a built in oval wall pod to relax or watch a movie on a personal screen, an outdoor sundeck to sunbathe or play board games, and the Chill Spa, where teens can enjoy beauty services designed just for them.

Vibe aboard the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder boasts multiple flat-screen TVs, DVD players, video games, board games, music listening stations, dance parties, karaoke competitions, and lots of activities that promote group interaction.

Teen Activities Include:

Zombified (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) - A big-shot Hollywood producer is putting the final touches on his latest picture, Zombified. Teens are invited to pitch in by performing as zombies in several scenes. Grateful, the producer throws a Hollywood-style premiere party to celebrate!

Teen Download  (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic) -  What does your Disney cruise have in store for you? Using the latest media technology, interact with other teens and counselors and design your very own dream vacation—filled with activities, games, Port Adventures and down time.

Brains and Brawn (Disney Magic and Disney Wonder) - During this ship-wide adventure, put your athleticism and intellect to the test! Teams compete to solve clues, complete challenges and ultimately win a final prize.

Gotcha (Disney Magic and Disney Wonder) -  Play the ultimate game of elimination! Armed with a code name and an arsenal of “gotcha” methods, teens spend the day tagging out their competition throughout the ship in creative and cunning ways. Who will win bragging rights as the ultimate victor?

It’s A Small World Nursery

Youngsters from 6 months to 3 years old (or 1 to 3 years old on Transatlantic, Hawaii, and Panama Canal itineraries) can play games, make crafts, watch movies, or even take a nap while you embark on adventures of your own. Children with special needs are welcome.

The nursery consists of three areas:
-       An acclimation zone, designed to help youngsters adjust to their new environment
-       A main play area featuring a 3D façade of the “small world” attraction, filled with hidden interactive delights
-       A separate quiet room for naps

Parents wishing to check on their children can even take a peek, unnoticed, through a window into the nursery’s main play area.

Space is extremely limited in the nursery, so plan to book your child’s stay as early as possible. Advance reservations are required and can be made online:
-       Up to 120 days ahead for Concierge and Platinum Castaway Club Guests
-       Up to 105 days ahead for Gold Castaway Club Guests
-       Up to 90 days ahead for Silver Castaway Club Guests
-       Up to 75 days ahead for all other Guests

Reservations can also be made on a first-come, first-served basis during the open house or Embarkation Day or anytime throughout your cruise. Childcare is available at $9.00 an hour for the first child and $8.00 an hour for any additional children.

What to Bring to the Nursery:
-       Baby food, formula, or milk and bottles
-       Diapers or pull-ups and diaper wipes
-       Extra clothing
-       A baby blanket
-       Pacifer

Children with Special Needs at the Nursery: Children with special needs are welcome at “it’s a small world” nursery! Disney’s Youth Activity programs are available to children who are fully toilet trained, able to individually participate within Disney’s counselor-to-child ratio groups, and interact socially and comfortably with peers of their own age and physical size. Children who can self-address their personal medical needs will be able to store their medical supplies at the Youth Activities desk.

Dine and Play - Dine and Play allows families to enjoy dinner together, then gives kids more time to enjoy youth activities while parents relax at the end of the meal. With Dine and Play, parents may check their children (ages 3 to 12) into evening youth activities during second seating in all of the main dining rooms. Families enjoy dinner together, then youth counselors whisk children away to play so the grown-ups can savor some time together in the adult-exclusive areas of the ship. To participate, please let your server know upon arrival at  your dining destination.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
When young princesses-to-be make their royal entrance at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique they are greeted by their very own Fairy Godmother-in-training who transforms them with magical makeovers. (Guests ages 3 - 12)
On pirate party nights aboard the Disney Fantasy, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique transforms into a swashbuckler's hideaway where boys, girls and grownups can get ready for the pirate life. (Guests ages 3 and up)
Appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Because space is extremely limited, be sure to book your appointment early. Additional charges apply for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique makeovers.