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Singles Newsletter

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Singles Newsletter Dated November 4, 2014

Dear Vacations To Go Singles Customer,

On August 23 we sailed from Miami on the Norwegian Getaway to St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Nassau with more than 150 singles ready to have fun in the sun!

No visit to St. Maarten is complete without experiencing the world-famous (au natural) Orient Beach. But we didn't stop there! We also visited Maho Beach, more commonly known to tourists as "Airplane Beach" because beachgoers experience the thrill of 747s flying onto the island from directly overhead. We basked on beautiful blue waves during our catamaran tour from St. Thomas, sailing on to stunning St. John for an afternoon of snorkeling, lunch and bushwhackers -- the beverage of choice in St. Thomas! In the Bahamas, we took another boat trip to the Blue Lagoon for more snorkeling and amazing sights. To see the fun we had ashore, click here.

We had a blast getting to know each other, mixing and mingling throughout the week! Bridget Kleck from Baton Rouge, LA, kicked the parties off as the Singles Bingo winner during our Welcome Aboard cocktail party. Anna Zihlstra from Albuquerque, NM, was crowned our dancing queen at the shipwide dance-off. Pamela Marjarum from Yardville, NJ, did an amazing portrayal of Tina Turner at the Awesome '80s dance party! Rene Wilson from Lawrenceburg, IN, led the women's team against Ravi Balu from Beaver Creek, OH, who captained the men's team in Battle of the Sexes. In a rare turn of events, the boys took home bragging rights.

We dressed up the nights with fun themes including '70s Night, with big collars and groovy music. We limbo-ed the night away at the Tropical Party, and the energy was electric during the Neon Party. To see photos of our onboard fun, click here.

Coming Soon
On December 7, Celebrity Silhouette sails from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan, St. Kitts and St. Maarten. For 40+ Singles! Rates start at just $841. Click here for info.

On December 7, the Norwegian Dawn sails from New Orleans to Cozumel, Belize City, Roatan and Costa Maya. The Big Easy! Rates start at just $727. Click here for info.

On December 27, the Crown Princess sails from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. New Year's Eve! Rates start at just $1,234. Click here for info.

On January 24, the Ruby Princess sails from Fort Lauderdale to Princess Cays, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Grand Turk. For 40+ singles! Rates start at just $835. Click here for info.

For a complete list of hosted singles cruises from Vacations To Go, click here.
For a complete list of non-hosted cruises with low single supplements, click here.

Port Profile - St. Thomas

The island of St. Thomas is only 32 square miles in size, but it has a million miles worth of things to do. Go shopping and sailing, snorkeling and sightseeing, or diving and dining. Enjoy the island's picture-perfect beaches and incomparable views of the Caribbean.

You can visit St. Thomas on any of the following sailings:

Celebrity Summit, October 25, 2014 - Click here
Ruby Princess, January 24, 2015 - Click here
Norwegian Getaway, April 25, 2015 - Click here
Celebrity Summit, December 5, 2015 - Click here

Travel Quote
"Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else." - Lawrence Block

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Serial Cruisers
A special thanks to our past guests who have taken 5 or more singles cruises with Vacations To Go!

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 32
Emmett Lewis

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 30
Everett Harmer

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 22
David Kalb

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 21
Michael Robinson

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 20
Alan Slovinski, Miroslav Glogolja and Thomas 'Michael' Feenker.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 19
Kathryn Hidell

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 18
Marcia Monaco and Robert Costello.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 17
Holly Richman, JoAnne Foley, Joe Glass, Sandy Just and Terry Steffens.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 16
Dean Taketa

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 15
Chester "Chetter" Kwiatkowski

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 14
Allan Hill, Diane Difiore, Dolores Bowden, Donald Lee Waller, John Davis, Kenneth Breakiron, Pamela Murphy, Paul Shellgren, Roselyn Robbins and Steven Jackson.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 13
Alice Gee, Antonius Buysse, Bethel Sue Flynn, Donald Pruns, Phillip Wroblewski and Wayne Trujillo.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 12
Beth Goad, Deborah Constant, Diana Haney, John Duffy, Joyce Finn, Julie Gaul, Katherine Harrington, Steven Lange, Veronica Henderson and William Cheatham Jr..

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 11
Antoinette Flemming, Carl Wischnack, Catherine Gill, Elizabeth Varner, Gail Meyer, George Sharp, Gregory Kurkowski, Janet Pugh, Jay Berman, John "Pat" Hoed, Jon Szigeti, Lenis Haley, Lisa Latham, Mary Hurley, Milagros Landol, Richard 'Buf' Peckham, Sharon Horod, Susan Reher and Walter Hansen.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 10
Craig Johnson, Diane Fields, Griegory Nott, John "Ron" Nicholson, Joseph Fishon, Judith Lawrence, Karen Hernandez, Karen Murray, Mark Ryzenga, Michael Yeh, Patricia Carey, Robert Baker, Robert Gazzier and Russell Betz.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 9
Carmen Brown, Donna Contrada, Edward Seals, Gloria Deffley, Lesley Grear, Lyn Said, Pamela Williams, Patricia Flood-Lynster, Robert Baker, Shirley Dooley, Susan Nettles-Quintero, Suzanne Gravelle, Ted Schacklinsky, Thomas Balluff, Trudy Miller, Virginia Schwam, Wayne Merrick and William Haberley.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 8
Alexander McArthur, Andrew Fee, Angela Avigliano, Barbara Powell, Barry Feinstein, Beverly Lucas-King, Bill Chornomaz, Bonnie Hall, Bonnie James, Bryan Hildreth, Carla Mullins, Carlos De Los Santos, Carol Russo, Cathy Montgomery, Charles Rivezzo, Christina Mcmanaman, Christine Torres, David Sholock, Diane Giglietti, Douglas Barry, Douglas Gandy, Evelyn Barker, Francine Mayor Rosa, Geoffrey Durand, Gordon Davis, Hank Bletterman, Ira Aronson, James Hardin, James Mallon, Jean-Francois Ratthe, John Minars, Joseph Baniewicz, Larry Rosner, Lena Johannessen, Loraine Kyees, Lucy Ramirez, Lynda Bowen, Madeleine Edelman, Marla Carroll, Marlene Hammond, Martha Mortensen, Mary Beth Aldrich, Michael Gageby, Nancy Brown, Nancy Weiler, Paula McEvoy, Paulette Comeau, Rhonda Starr, Roy Curruthers, Tobey Wittlin-Cohen, Wendy Daum, Yvonne Smith and Yvonne Williams.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 7
Ain Milner, Alison LeGault, Arthur "Fred" Mohl, Carol Howley, Carol Jasnosz, Cathleen Shachtman, Chad Grindstaff, Charles Bishop, Cheryl Drake, Cheryl Frost, Clifton Jefferson, Daniel Casey, Darrell Schindler, David Surlin, Deanna Stidham, Denise McArthur, Dennis Brown, Douglas Nofzinger, Edmund Dutkowski, Frank Wiot, Gary Hunsaker, George Kotalic, Gerald Golz, Giacomo Pesce, Helen Kiefert, Irene Kovacs, Janice Creekmore, Janis Randall, Jerry Phillips, Joanne Stillman, John Holmes, John Mills, Joseph Conto, Judith Freigang, Karl Mueller, Kenneth Swart, Kim Van Langen, Linda Hendrickson, Lisa Joseph, Lori Stokes, Lynn Masterson, Lynn Miller, Margaret Lear, Marie Rispoli, Muriel Peters, Murray Berger, Nancy Peak, Norbert Weisbeck, Norman Pace, Patricia Frey, Paul Mathes, Paula Bernards, Penny Fidelak, Randy Bartnicki, Raphael Muscarelle, Raymond Rivero, Richard Davidson, Richard Miller, Richard Schreiber, Rick Gomez, Robert Brunson, Robert Keiser, Robert Rogers, Roberta Smith, Rodger Lane, Rolf Janssens, Roxanne Rutter, Samantha Holcomb, Sandra Glasser, Santo Hill, Sue Cormier, Susan Hauser, Thomas Pearson, Vasilios Milonas, Veronica Ruiz, William Yates and Willie Harris.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 6
Andrew Mahoney, Angela Behrens, Ann Page, Annemarie Turnbull, Arlene Gatt, Arthur Aho, Brent Drummond, Bruce Yamasaki, Carlos Perez, Carol Blaha, Carol Miller, Caron Hughes, Casandra Hart, Charles Liggio, Christine Rogers, Cristina Thalhammer-Reyero, Danny Fick, David Boyadjieff, David Gonzales, Dawn DeVito, Dennis Brown, Dennis Marshall, Diane Menna, Donald Goodlitt, Edith Kiss-Nite, Eileen Depesa, Elizabeth Widdifield, Elmer Bitikofer, Enedina Gonzales, Eric Sewell, Esther Marszalek, Eugenio Falcone, Felice Pasqua, Frannie Levenstein, Garry Gumerlock, Gary Mann, Gary Slavin, Gary Widdel, Genevieve Mansbridge, George Fernandez, George Martin, Gisela Remieres, Grace Christiansen, Gwen Beebe, Howard Plontke, Ira Wettenstein, Jack Leizman, Jack Sutliff, Jacqueline McLaughlin, Janice Bigelow, Jeffrey Butters, John Adachi, John Hughes, John Phillips, John Walkowiak, John Wondracheck, Joyce Howard, Joyce Schrock, Judith Ashworth, Judith Blake, Julie Isaacs, Karen Fisk, Karen Morrison, Kathleen Canavan, Kathleen Stevens, Larry Pelligra, Lazlo Hedji, Leslie Tuchapsky, Lillian Portella, Linda Jennings, Linda Noonan, Linda Robinson, Lucille Murray, Lynn O'Brien, Manuel Jimenez, Marcia MacDougall, Margaret Lloyd, Margery Marotta, Marian Burke, Mark Powell, Marlene James, Mary Ellen Stiverson, Michael Creamer, Michael Fadell, Michael Vogt, Michelle "Shelley" Baker, Nancy Bryant, Nancy Ostlund, Nicodemo Giurleo, Pamela Nelson, Paula Elliott, Perle Kagan, Philip Belton, Philip Virga, Rafael Beltran, Rebecca Carvajal, Robert Luck, Robin Karmiol, Robin Saunders, Rosemarie Davis, Rosemarie White, Sandra Spencer, Sandra Trookman, Sharon McCord, Shirley Hayes, Spencer Clarke, Susanne Kendrick, Sylvia Lazarhoff, Terry Davis, Theresa Gould, Theresa Taylor, Thomas Delaney, Thomas Owings, Tracey Francis, Tracy Unger, Vanee Biering, Vernon Rush, Vicky Brunelle, Victoria Heavener, Viera Papcunova, William Kluck, William Petrik and Willmott Rush.

Vacations To Go Singles Cruises: 5
Albert Harman, Alfred Seevers, Amy Plesnik, Andrew Marc Siegel, Ann O'Brien, April Jones, Art Leeper, Beth Meyer, Bill Benedict, Billy Wunarto, Bob Scheuerer, Bradley Peterson, Brenda Adair, Brian Dunn, Brian Hopkins, Byron Rice, Cameron Gunn, Carolyn Maheu, Celia Estevez, Cham Pritchard, Cheryl Klein, Christine Roberts, Clinton Jones, Craig Rubenstein, Cynthia Osofsky, Cynthia Sussman, Dan Auld, Darlene Kelt, Darrell Hensley, David Husemann, David Mignano, David Toth, Dawn Taylor, Debbie Zuckerman, Deborah Dickinson, Deborah Dudek, Deborah Zogalo, Dee Sawyer, Dennyne Hormann-McPhee, Denyse Frenette, Diane Houde, Doreen Paris, Doris Hitchcock, Doris Howerton, Douglas DeLett, Edward Johnson, Elaine Arcari, Elizabeth Farmer, Eunice Stringer, Eva Beland, Gabrielle Jensen, George Adams, Gerald Cifaldi, Gerald Felice, Glenice Phillips, Greg Dyer, Helen Roseberry, Hilton Sundy, James Pundzus, Janice Bush, Jeffrey Rothman, Jerry Chadwick, Jessica Styers, Jo-Ann Kamencik, Joanna Sadowska, Joanne Schmidt, John Feldpausch, Joseph Bungert, Josephine Grant, Joyce Kort, Judith Bohac-Bergere, Judith Freda, Judith Jackson, Judith Spencer, Julianne Hoy, June Langevin, Karen Delpret, Karen Graber, Kathleen Dunn, Kevin Whitworth, Kimberly Lacy, Laddy Janovski, Larry White, Laura McDonald-Wesney, Laurence Myerson, Leneva Spires, Lesley Murphy, Lillian Potella, Lisa Groce, Lisa Robins, Louise Bonnette, Lucille Brancato, Lydia Machado, Lynn Janke, Lynne Dailey, Margaret Leslie, Marilyn McKnight, Marion Dobkin, Marni Cohen, Marsha Silagy, Marti Mortensen, Mary Britt, Mary Stiverson, Maureen Buckley, Maureen Kenny, Maxine Moskowitz, Melba "Sue" McBride, Melissa Kalinowsky, Melody Johnson, Michael Elder, Michael Healy, Michael Maltzman, Michael McCabe, Michael Piper, Michael Spero, Mindy Fisher, Morris Jones, Norma Beck, Norman Monsen, Pani Herath, Patricia Williams, Patricia Wilson, Patrick Murphy, Patty Kay, Peggy Duffield, Peggy Osborne, Phillip Webb, Randy Pollard, Robert Miller, Robert Saburro, Robin Schiedel, Rochelle Ward, Ronald Schuloff, Roxanne Pardee, Russell Brown, Sandra Etienne, Sandra Maxey, Sandra Taylor, Scott Moyer, Sharron Webster, Steven Albury, Susan Wilson, Susie Walden, Suzanne Zano, Tatiana Solilova, Terrance Scroggin, Terry Gander, Thomas Edward Garland, Thomas Godfryd, Todd Baker, Vickie Capers, Wai Chun Tang, Walter Forker, Wendy Jacobs, Wendy Schnell, William Smallwood, Yelena Canady and Diane Mousseau.

Singles Scuttlebutt!
If you've taken one of our singles cruises and have a story to share, we'd love to hear it, no matter how scandalous! Of course, we'll try to remember to protect the names of the not-so-innocent.

If you have questions or wish to reserve a cabin, call us toll free at 800-419-5179 (US and Canada) and a singles specialist will attend to your needs. International customers, please e-mail or call us at +1-713-974-2121.

Please e-mail me your comments, suggestions and questions at and I will respond within 24 hours.

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Happy sailing!

R.J. Hightower
Team Manager, Singles Department at Vacations To Go

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