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Experience: We’ve operated hosted singles cruises for more than 15 years, and our team of professional hosts has led more than 220 sailings.

Freedom and flexibility: You can be as active or social or relaxed as you wish. It’s not just about making a romantic connection -- our singles simply enjoy spending time with others who love to travel.

Exclusive onboard activities: Our onboard host organizes cocktail parties, mixers, games, group excursions, single-mingle dining and more.

Great mix of ages: We see a wide range of ages on our cruises. We also have departures for specific age groups such as 25 to 55 or 50-plus.

Money-saving match program: We can pair you with another single of the same gender in one stateroom, allowing you to book a cheaper double-occupancy rate and avoid a single supplement.

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Singles Newsletter Dated May 21, 2020

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Dear Vacations To Go Singles Customer,

When I last wrote, I reported that international vacation travel had virtually ceased due to COVID-19, and that is still the case.

Most cruise lines and river cruise operators have rolled their suspensions of service forward until the end of June or July and additional suspensions are inevitable. At this point, no one knows for certain when cruises and river cruises will resume operations.

Cruise lines continue to work with local and national governments and health authorities around the world to develop enhanced procedures for the screening of guests, the sanitation of vessels and onboard medical care and treatment. As soon as there is a consensus on the changes that will be adopted by the cruise lines, I will let you know.

Beyond ships and riverboats, most popular tourist hotels and resorts worldwide are shuttered, either by government order or for lack of guests.

The resorts we represent in Mexico, the Caribbean and the Bahamas will likely be among the first to reopen, due to the low number of COVID-19 cases reported in those destinations and warm and humid climates that may help to slow the spread of the virus.

Most of these countries are still restricting foreign tourists and I will let you know when they open their borders.

Many airlines around the world are receiving governmental bailouts in some form and will likely emerge from this crisis intact but much smaller, for quite some time.

The drastic reduction in flights will mean that "getting there" for some international vacationers will require a connection instead of a nonstop, or two connections instead of one, but the prices are truly incredible and cancellation penalties are being waived or reduced in many instances.

Having said all that, I believe the first, small steps back to normalcy have been taken.

New cases of COVID-19 have peaked or are peaking in many U.S. states, Canadian provinces and countries around the world, at least for now, and many governments have begun to ease restrictions on movement and commerce.

Getting back to work will breathe life into the travel industry, filling rooms in domestic hotels and seats on domestic flights. This may happen in fits and starts, but I have confidence that our public health officials and federal, state and local leaders will work together to be sure this is done with attention paid to the health and safety of us all.

It is a process that will begin soon and proceed slowly.

For international vacationing to return, countries must lift their bans on non-essential international travel AND drop the self-quarantine requirements that now exist in most countries for incoming visitors. This will take longer and evolve on more of a country-to-country basis, when two countries are ready to receive visitors from the other, without restrictions.

The entire world will not drop these requirements at the same time, international vacation destinations will come back online at their own pace.

Between now and my next newsletter, I'm going to take a look at the discounts and deals that are available right now for travel in the future.

It'll be a small peek at what may be in store when you are ready for your own re-entry to the world of travel.


Alan Fox
Executive Chairman
Vacations To Go