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Below is a copy of our current cruise newsletter. To subscribe to our weekly newsletter, absolutely free of charge, please click here. To email this newsletter to friends or family, click here. Please note that the FastDeals are subject to availability and sell out quickly.

Dear Vacations To Go Customer,

I have two things to report this week that could have a significant impact on the restart of international travel.

First, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, new cases of COVID-19 reached an all-time peak in the U.S. on January 11 and have plunged since then.

As seen on Worldometers.info, the 7-day moving average of new cases in the US was 254,858 on January 11 and has since fallen by 32% to 174,022 as of January 24. Click here to see current stats and follow in the future.

Similarly, the 7-day moving average of new cases in Canada peaked on January 9 at 8,885 and has fallen 38% to 5,537 as of January 24. Click here to see Canada's numbers.

It's important to recognize that the peak and decline happened before the rollout of vaccines had any significant impact. With multiple vaccines now approved and the delivery of vaccinations expected to accelerate, perhaps the battle against COVID-19 has reached the turning point.

New mutations in COVID-19 have raised the possibility that vaccines may someday have to be tweaked to be effective against new strains, as flu shots are, but according to Anthony Fauci, America's chief medical adviser for Covid-19, "We don't need to do that right now."

The chief science advisor of Operation Warp Speed, the U.S. government's expedited search for development and delivery of a vaccine, has said that every American who wants a vaccine will be able to get one by June. Health officials in Canada have said that all Canadians who want a vaccine will receive one by September. Even if those dates slip a bit due to vaccine delivery glitches, the end of the tunnel is in sight.

The reopening of the international travel industry will occur on a country-by-country basis and it is not yet clear whether vaccinations will be required to travel.

Qantas Airways of Australia has said that once a COVID-19 vaccine becomes widely available, it may require passengers to have proof of a vaccination before allowing them to fly internationally. Korean Air and Air New Zealand have echoed the comments and have stated that they expect some countries will require proof of vaccination from incoming international visitors. United has stated that it might require its own employees to be vaccinated.

Just last week, UK-based Saga Cruises announced they will require all guests to be vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 14 days before sailing. Saga sells exclusively in the UK and caters exclusively to a 50+ clientele. With sailings suspended until May 4th, Saga said they believe all passengers booked on future cruises will have ample opportunity to get inoculated, but any passenger who wishes to change their cruise plans may select a different sail date or choose to get a full refund.

Saga Cruises' new policy will enable a safe, early and economical return to service. Passengers will not have to worry about catching COVID-19 onboard and the cruise line will avoid the costly measures needed to prevent COVID-19 cases onboard and quarantine and care for passengers infected with COVID-19.

Moreover, destination countries that have not yet distributed vaccines to their citizens can welcome Saga Cruises without the risk of admitting potentially infected passengers.

As of today, no other cruise line has announced a vaccine requirement for its guests but Norwegian and Regent Seven Seas have just announced they will require all crew members to be vaccinated before boarding their ships. I would not be surprised to see more cruise lines and countries adopt a vaccination requirement until the threat from COVID-19 has substantially subsided.

Either way, we will let you know in this newsletter when travel restrictions in the U.S. and other countries are removed and when cruise ships resume sailing.

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10) Panama Canal, 7 nights on Windstar, departs Colon Aug 28, suite starting at $2,499, FastDeal # 19398 (Windstar does not provide brochure rates for this cruise, so we are unable to show a savings percentage.)

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Please email me your comments, suggestions and questions at alanfox@vacationstogo.com and I will respond the same day.


Alan Fox
Executive Chairman
Vacations To Go