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Cruises Can Be Good for Business

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Cruises are one of the most coveted experiences on Earth, with a surging popularity that has gone main stream. It seems that everywhere I go, cruises are being given away as prizes or awarded for superior performance in contests, sporting events or on the job.

Here in Houston, I recently saw an apartment complex advertising a free Carnival cruise with move-in. That's an innovative way to get a lot of attention and attract new tenants, and costs the complex manager about the same as their standard promotion, one month's free rent.

A credit union attracted new members with a similar promotion, offering free cruises to the first 200 people to open accounts. Car dealerships have offered a free cruise with a new car, and some offer cruises as incentives to their employees for achieving sales goals. Just last week, one of our employees attended a golf tournament that awarded a free cruise to the winner of the "longest drive" contest.

Radio stations give away cruises for contest winners. And sweepstakes designed to promote everything from magazine subscriptions to flower clubs use cruises to add sizzle to the list of prizes.

While some businesses reserve a block of cabins to give away as part of a special promotion, others delight their employees by making cruise ships the venue for sales meetings or company seminars. Lawyers, CPAs, real estate agents, computer programmers and other professional groups take advantage of on-board conference facilities for accreditation or continuing-education courses.

If you belong to an organization that might want to reserve a block of cruise cabins for promotions or a company outing, we can help you obtain the lowest possible rate and special amenities ranging from a free bottle of champagne in every cabin to a complimentary shore excursion, depending on the number of cabins booked. You should plan to book 8-12 months in advance of sailing to qualify for group discounts and amenities. If you book at least 16 cabins, you might even earn a free cabin for yourself.

Just give our group department a call at (800) 514-9986.


Alan Fox
Executive Chairman
Vacations To Go

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