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Travelers Who Need Supplemental Oxygen

It is now possible for travelers who require supplemental oxygen to see the world via cruise ship. However, cruise ships do not provide guests with oxygen except in emergencies, and every traveler must take responsibility for handling his or her oxygen before, during and after the cruise. Travelers must decide whether to rent oxygen tanks or a concentrator or bring equipment from home. Cruise lines, airlines and oxygen supply companies will require a physician's letter stating that the traveler is fit to travel before confirming travel arrangements for anyone who requires supplemental oxygen. Here are additional issues to consider:

Departure Ports

  • You can arrange to have oxygen delivered to almost any cruise ship at most -- but not all -- of the departure ports worldwide. Your Vacations To Go cruise counselor (800-998-6902) can help you verify deliverability for any cruise that interests you.
  • If you are able to drive to a U.S. or Canadian departure port, you can save the expense of arranging oxygen for your flight(s).

Air Travel

  • All travelers with supplemental oxygen must verify the rules of each air carrier they plan to fly before booking airline tickets.
  • If you need a continuous flow of oxygen and cannot bring an oxygen concentrator, some airlines will provide oxygen onboard for an additional charge, although they are not required to do so.
  • If you use a portable oxygen concentrator such as the units manufactured by AirSep Corp. or Inogen, Inc., most major airlines will let you carry your unit onto the plane since they are not considered to be hazardous. Below is a list of airlines that currently allow portable oxygen concentrators onboard, but for a list of specific approved units and airline regulations you should contact the airlines directly.

    Air France
    Alaska Airlines
    American Airlines
    Avianca Airlines
    Hawaiian Airlines
    Nortwest Airlines
    SAS Airlines
    Sky West
    Sun Country
    US Airways
    WestJet Airlines

Onboard the Ship

  • Travelers should arrange to have enough oxygen and equipment to last the duration of the cruise, and they must advise the cruise line in advance that they will be bringing oxygen onboard or arranging for its delivery the day of embarkation. Failure to properly notify the cruise line may result in denied boarding.
  • Note: Some cruise lines do not allow liquid oxygen to be brought onboard.

Oxygen Rental and Delivery

  • If you require supplemental oxygen but prefer not to travel with your own equipment, we can recommend a reliable vendor who rents quality equipment and can have it delivered to the cruise ship.
  • To see images and specifications for oxygen, oxygen concentrators and related equipment, click here.