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Turkey Cruises

Cruises in Turkey show off the beauty of the Aegean coast and the country's splendid antiquities. Istanbul's rich Byzantine and Ottoman history is embodied in sites such as the sixth-century Hagia Sofia church, whose original mosaics have been beautifully restored, and in the Blue Mosque, which features 260 stained-glass windows, decorative tiles and six minarets. Hundreds of shops sell a vast array of items at Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, where bargaining is expected.

Mountain peaks provide the backdrop for Antalya, which sits on a crescent-shaped bay on the Turkish Riviera; a picturesque old quarter and narrow streets lie within its ancient walls. Bodrum's whitewashed homes and profuse gardens delight visitors, who can browse the shops off the small town square for leather items, jewelry and woven rugs.

Ephesus is one of the world's best-restored archaeological sites, where visitors can walk down marble-paved streets past impressive ruins, such as the Temple of Hadrian and the columned Celsus Library. From Canakkale, passengers can travel to the ancient site of Troy, immortalized in Homer's "The Iliad."

  • Turkey is featured on Eastern Mediterranean cruises. The Mediterranean cruise season lasts from late April to October, although a few ships cruise the region year-round.

  • If you must fly a very long distance to reach your port of departure, we suggest that you arrive at the port city at least one or two days in advance of your cruise from Turkey. This will give you time to rest and get oriented before boarding the ship. Most cruise lines offer pre-cruise hotel packages.